Palm Incubator



Seersite is the premier platform for data, analysis, forecasting and consulting.  By harnessing the power of the crowd and advanced data and analytics, Seersite provides the most comprehensive interface for our clients to engage with the world of economic and financial information.


Palm Fitness

Palm Fitness is a fitness-tech company that aims to bring the boutique fitness studio experience to an at-home audience. We're building a tech-connected platform that integrates live fitness classes with diverse exercise equipment to deliver personalized, convenient, motivating workout experiences. The company is led by a repeat fitness-tech entrepreneur out of Google and backed by Palm Ventures of Greenwich, CT.


My Mix Creative Kitchen is a fast-casual restaurant in Greenwich, Connecticut which serves as an everyday eating solution through customizable, crave-able, and healthy food options carefully curated by a top chef. 


My Mix Custom Beverage System, a new concept in healthy, green beverage vending. This new kiosk allows you to make a variety of all-natural and customized drinks of your choice, and allows you to pour them into your own re-usable bottle, cup, or other container. You can make your drink, your way, without all of the waste of conventional bottles and cans. This is the first of its kind. This machine makes you a fresh drink on demand using natural fruit essences, purified water, natural teas, natural sweeteners and other additions of your choice, all from a machine that’s quiet, attractive, and runs with very low energy usage.